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FIT4MOM Video On Demand

FIT4MOM Video On Demand $19.99 per classNo purchase required to enroll

Whether it's distance learning or unpredictable naptimes we know you can't always make it to our live scheduled class times, so we have another option for you. FIT4MOM On Demand offers classes to fit your mom-life; whether you only have 10 minutes to sneak in a quick cardio workout or 50 minutes for a full-body blast, get unlimited access to at-home workouts that make adding fitness into motherhood easy & doable.

Whether you want to workout from your TV, iPhone, or tablet...our ALL NEW FIT4MOM ON DEMAND platform takes your workouts with you wherever, whenever, from whatever.

Experience FIT4MOM across all platforms; FIT4MOM On Demand is accessible on iOS devices, Android devices, MACs, PCs, streaming media boxes such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon, Fire TV, Chromecast, and Nexus Player.

Sneak in a class, anytime, anywhere. FIT4MOM on Demand is the perfect addition to your current membership; add extra movement into your week outside of in-person classes, live sweat sessions, or programs like Body Well to meet goals (& stay sane).

You get the benefit of FIT4MOM’s expertise in pre and postnatal health, wellness, and fitness programs. From pregnancy through postpartum and beyond, our fitness + wellness programs are designed to help women find strength in motherhood. FIT4MOM On Demand provides cardio, strength, and yoga classes, prenatal and postpartum + mama and mini workouts, and wellness courses for all stages of motherhood. Choose from monthly or annual subscriptions to workout anytime, anywhere.

Get a FREE WEEK, on us! Check it out here: https://ondemand.fit4mom.com/?via=fit4mom-lake-norman

Mommy & Me Stroller Classes

Stroller Strides® 1 visit freeFrom $13 per visit with 10-Class Pass pass

Stroller Strides® is a functional, total-body conditioning workout designed for moms with kids in tow. Each 60-minute workout is comprised of strength training, cardio and core restoration, all while entertaining little ones with songs, activities and fun! Each Stroller Strides instructor is skilled to meet you where you are mentally and physically. You’ll leave class feeling connected, successful and energized! No more mama guilt! This class is all about self-care in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Stroller Barre® 1 visit freeFrom $13 per visit with 10-Class Pass pass

Stroller Barre is a 60-minute cardio and strength interval class designed to improve posture, stability, and mobility. The workout combines moves inspired by barre, ballet, Pilates, fitness, and yoga to help you regain your posture and alignment and strengthen your body from the inside out! Stroller Barre will help you reconnect with your body, increase flexibility and develop the core strength needed for motherhood.

Hybrid Classes (Come with or without your stroller!)

Strides 360™ 1 visit freeFrom $13 per visit with 10-Class Pass pass

Strides 360™ promises a heart-pumping workout designed to increase your endurance while also developing speed, agility, and quickness to help you sprint through mom life. Bodyweight conditioning is strategically placed to provide recovery, strength and round out your workout. It's for any mom interested in a workout that can be as hard as you need it to be on your good days or scaled back on days you’re not sure how you made it out the door! Bring your kiddos with you in the stroller or leave the kiddo at home and come play with your mom friends. Either way, the hour will fly by and leave you energized for the rest of your day!

Moms-Only Classes

Body Boost® 1 visit freeFrom $13 per visit with 10-Class Pass pass

Body Boost is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout designed to challenge, empower and energize you. Combining cardio, strength training, core work and meditation, this total body workout will boost your physical and mental well-being. This 45-minute class is just for you and will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged for motherhood and all that comes with it.

Body Ignite 1 visit freeFrom $13 per visit with 10-Class Pass pass

Body Ignite is a one-stop body shock. Targeting each and every muscle with specially designed sequences and a weighted bar will leave you stronger and begging for more. Dedicated core and flexibility work are also included to help you move and feel better. A perfect complement to any cardio class or activity you currently enjoy, this easy to follow strength-based program will increase your metabolism, your athleticism, and your ability to lift, lunge, and lug everything mom-life throws at you!


FIT4BABY Prenatal Program $75Purchase required to enroll

FIT4BABY is a workout program designed specifically for moms-to-be. It includes cardio, strength training, balance, flexibility and core exercises to accommodate all trimesters of pregnancy. This 6-week program includes community-based workouts, weekly challenges, a private group and a weekly journal to document your fitness journey. FIT4BABY will build your endurance, strengthen your body and prepare you for pregnancy, birth and beyond.